About the course

Thank you for joining our video course!

We have created this course for curious people who wants to explore sexuality (theirs and their partners) and get a deeper understanding of this complicated topic. This Sensual Touch Massage course is focusing on Him. We will assure You that it will be the most pleasurable gift You can ever give him - the attention and pleasures that come with him with the massage session is unforgettable. 

Lingam is in the spotlight of the Sensual Touch massage. The Lingam Massage is the genital massage for men, and it has become increasingly popular in recent years. Contrary to some opinions, it is not just a fancy name for a handjob; instead, it is a very personal way to connect with your partner.

Our experienced instructor Jaya will show You over 30 different techniques to give Your man a genital area massage. You will also learn how to massage the scrotum, the testicles, and the perineum area. This massage is beneficial for men to learn to separate the orgasm from the ejaculation and to last longer in bed. For many men, it is the opening for energetic full-body orgasms.

The Sensual Touch Massage course is structured so that you can learn a thorough variety of techniques. You will start by awakening your partner's body and energy routing, and then move on to more specific parts and techniques of genital massage. 

As the whole course is packed with detailed and very juicy information, it is too overwhelming to learn it fully at once. Therefore, in 5 weeks period, you'll get detailed video tutorials to learn theoretically and practically the moves with your partner. You can test and experiment techniques to find your favorite ones and find the right strength of grip, rhythm, and speed for most pleasurable outcomes. 

When partners take time and put in the effort to educate themselves about their sexuality, it will bring on a very positive effect on their relationship. It creates a deeper connection, builds more trust, and also has a very uplifting effect for each partner's physical and mental health, which brings on an elevated level of happiness. Sexuality is a fundamental building block for our intimate relationships, and this is why we should take time and educate ourselves more about our own and our partner's sexuality. That's why we encourage you to take this enjoyable step towards a happier relationship. 

We welcome You along this journey to a happier existence!

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