Preparation for practicing massage

How to prepare for a sensual massage session?

Please prepare a comfortable space for the session. You can perform the massage on a massage table or the floor on the mat. Using a massage table will be easier for the givers' back and knees, but You can also practice it on the bed if you feel it is comfortable for you both. It's recommended to cover the bed with towels before because You will be using a lot of oil. 

Harsh light makes it difficult to concentrate, and it isn’t relaxing. Use soft lighting to feel more comfortable. Also, check the thermostat, so it’s not too cold. The ideal room temperature should be  25°C (77°F) and above, so Your partner could fully relax. 

Music can be a great accompaniment to any massage. You can use any music you and your partner would enjoy. We recommend something gentle and sensual, but the choice depends on your preferences. Here is our playlist you can try out: playlist

What oils to use?

The general rule is only to use the oils that You can also eat. The only exception is olive oil because it is not so good for massage. The best oils for this massage would be:

  • extra virgin coconut oil (refined can also be used, especially if someone doesn't like the smell of the coconut oil)
  • avocado oil
  • grapeseed oil

If you are willing to make a little bigger effort, you can make a mixture of coconut oil, cacao butter, and some essential oil. Coconut oil and cacao butter are both natural remedies for hormonal imbalance, and cacao gives a pleasant smell of chocolate to the mix.

Always prefer pure oils with no extra additives. And remember, no essential or fragrant oils near the intimate areas!

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