About the course

Welcome to the Full Body Awakening Massage course!

This course is an introduction to the full body's sensual massage. By now, You have learned specific techniques for genital massage, but now it's time to take a step forward and improve your relaxation skills. Wether You want to use it just to relieve tension, enjoyment, for foreplay, or to open your partner's body up for the intimate genital massage. It's up to You and Your partner.

Full Body massage course will focus on how to give a relaxing sensual massage to Your partner. but as a result of practicing it, Your whole sexual experience can have a profound change. There are integrated techniques from Thai Massage, Marma Massage, Taoist pressure points, Classical Massage, and gentle touch. You will learn how to touch each other in a much more conscious way and how to prepare Yours, or Your partners' body and mind to be ready for even more intimate massage.

As we have said before, sexuality is a fundamental building block for our intimate relationships. That is why we should take time and educate ourselves more about our own and our partner's sexuality. Sensual massage creates a deeper connection, builds more trust, and also has a very uplifting effect on each partner's physical and mental health, which brings on an elevated level of happiness.

Enjoy Your learning process!

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