The Full Body Massage

This massage is tailored by our instruction personally from all the different massage techniques that she has learned over the years. There are integrated techniques from Thai Massage, Marma Massage, Taoist pressure points, Classical Massage, and gentle touch. 

Our full body massage course will teach You moves that can help your partner to relax fully. Massage will awaken the body's sensitivity and prepares your partner for the genital massage. This massage can be done on men and women both.

Why this course?

Did You know that our biggest sexual organ is our brain and our body is full of erogenous zones - from head to toe? There are many hidden points inside and outside your body that can give You experiences You have never even dreamed of.

This course will teach you how to give a relaxing and enjoyable full body massage. Whether You want to use it for just enjoyment, for foreplay, or to open your partner's body up for even more intimate genital massage. It's up to You and Your partner.

What You'll learn:

  • how to give a relaxing massage to Your partner
  • how to bring more sensitivity to Your body
  • how to open up to full-body orgasms by connecting Your mind and body 
  • learn how to channel Your energy 
  • discover different erogenous zones on the body
  • awaken Your sexuality
  • bring more variety to Your bed life

What Does the course include?

Full body Awakening massage course is a fully online video course. With our subscription plan, You will have access to the course from every device with the internet, and you can go through materials over and over again. As with this kind of skill, the practice makes perfect!

Video course includes 1 hour and 16 minutes long massage session that is performed by our instructor Jaya Shivani. The whole course is with voice over, so you'll know all the details that make the massage most enjoyable for both of you. 

Course Curriculum

Choose Your Plan

The The Full Body Awakening Massage Online Course is part of Pleasurespot All-Access subscription plan. Please see all courses listed in our school and choose the plan that's best for You.