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Subscribe to Pleasurespot School and get access to all courses. As the art of physical love is complex, the list of courses will continually expand. You will have access to all published courses and all materials published during your subscription. Explore and learn!

The monthly subscription will give you gradual access to these super-sexy and detailed video courses:

The list of courses will be updated soon, and our students will be the first to know about it! All published and released courses will be available for every active subscriber.

Structure of the program

Monthly subscription plan:

1st month:

You will start with the most talked-about and perhaps the most informative and voluminous courses of sensual touching: the Yoni 🍑 and Lingam 🍌 Massage courses. You'll get new technique tutorials every week to practice and test the moves and the feeling on your partner. 

2nd month:

In some ways, the Lingam and Yoni massages are the basis of the sensual touch, but at the same time, it's definitely the most complex course as it is so-so personal and individual. Therefore the second month is dedicated to mastering those skills. After 4 weeks, you are ready the step to the next level and surprise your partner with the Perfect Massage session.  For that, you will have a full-length sample massage session video (+ audio file for voice guidance only) to guide you all the way.  

In the middle of the second month you’ll have access to the Breast Massage course. There are a lot of techniques to learn, and we have divided those lessons into separate lectures so it would be easier to remember and practice those moves. Every technique is different, and tho it might seem easy, you need to take time to practice, talk to each other, and find the best moves for you. Keep in mind that we are all unique!

3rd month:

In the third month, you will get to learn the art of Full Body Massage. This course includes our longest massage session (76 minutes). Use video guidance at the beginning of the learning process, or audio-only when you're more advanced already, and just follow the instructions. Your partner will have a massage session feeling like you just came from the massage camp - you'll master the techniques like a professional. 🙌

After the 3rd month:

Practice! All those skills you'll be learning here need a lot of practice. Massaging is all about touching and feeling. With experience, your skill to sense and feel your partners' needs and wants will improve.

Courses have lots of visual, textual, and spoken explanations to come back to. Every course also includes an audio file to give you voice guidance if you feel confident enough. It's a good idea to use the audio file as a hidden help in your ear if you know the techniques but still need a reminder for the order of performance. 

We have several more exciting courses coming up soon, and that includes also something kinkier to add extra spice to your bedroom. 🌶️ So what's coming? Yoni Level 2 for advanced students, Anal Massage, Sex Positions explained. Can't wait, right?!

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*Please note that for the monthly subscription plan, courses will open gradually and not from day one.

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Our Courses

With all subscription plans, You will have access to all Pleasurespot published video courses and all new content.

The difference between the monthly and the lifetime access offer is the learning pace: with the lifetime access plan, all massage courses are available from day one. With the monthly plan, the learning process is divided into parts, and you learn new skills one after the other as the content will be released gradually. 

Courses will open gradually to give you enough time to master all the skills:

  • the first ones to open are the Yoni and Lingam massage courses,
  • then The Taoist Breast massage (second month),
  • and last but not least is The Full Body massage course (third month).

New courses released soon! 🌶️

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