Frequently asked questions

Technical questions

  • Do I need an Internet connection for this course?

Yes, because we have a fully online course to stream all the content 

  • What information do I need to register?

You only need to add your full name or just first name, email address and password

  • Can I download videos?

No, you cannot download videos, but you have access to all the videos as long as you have an active subscription.

  • How long are course videos?

Our courses contain full-length massage sessions in detailed video tutorials + additional materials. There are two courses available now:

  1. “Sensual Touch Massage for Her” with the longest tutorial video of 54min
  2. “Sensual Touch Massage for Him” with the longest tutorial video of 57min
  • I have problems with video streaming?

Please check that you are connected to the internet

  • Are the course models real people?

Yes, all our massages are performed on real people

  • For whom are the courses designed?

Our massage courses are for all men and women, regardless of their sexual orientation

  • How do I access my courses?

After purchase subscription, we send you an email where is information about the course and from there, you can log in with your email and password.

  • Can I watch these videos on any device?

Yes, you can.

  • Do I need to buy special equipment?

No, you don't need any equipment, just your partner, hands, quality oil, and place where you both can feel comfortable and relaxed.

  • What if you close your school and we don't have access anymore?

If this happens for some reason, but I don't think it will, we will let all our students continue to use the site until the end of already paid month. After that, we will have a paid option to download all the videos from our site.

Payments & refunds

  • What kind of payment do you accept?

We accept payments via Apple Pay, Google Pay, and all credit cards

  • Is this one-time payment or do you have subscription plans available?

We have a monthly and yearly subscription payment options. Subscription renews automatically every month/year (according to your plan), and it will continue as long as the student will cancel the monthly subscription plan. You can cancel your subscription at any time at no additional cost.

  • What appears in my card statement? 

Course name and subscription plan detail

  • Do I need to pay value-added tax - VAT?

If you are an EU resident, we need to collect VAT for legal reasons (i.e. you have an EU billing address and payment method). The VAT is not equal to all customers because it depends on your country of residence. The exact amount of VAT is shown before entering your payment information when checking out. 

  • How can I request a refund?

7 days money-back guarantee. But remember, to master these techniques, you need time and practice. 

  • What if I have more questions?

If you have any questions, then please contact our support team via email: [email protected]