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We are designed to feel pleasure, and for most of us, there's still a long way to go when speaking of sexual development, knowing all your pleasure points, and improving the connection to yourself and to your partner. Though most actively sexual people haven't felt it, it is totally possible to feel full-body energetic orgasms. It takes your curiosity, an open mind, and a great online course to learn from to get there. 

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Take a closer look at those tantric massage courses and improve your intimate life. There's always room for development, and our mission is to help you on this journey. 

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Courses included

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These online courses are very sensual and mindful and can take your intimate life to a new level! Online classes have been influenced by tantra massage but don't require prior tantra practice experience.

Lingam massage for men (Tantra)
Sensual Touch Massage for Him

This video course will teach you over 30 different techniques on how to give your man a sensual massage! You will learn how to give perfect lingam (penis) massage and please all the other masculine body parts. And it is not just for fun; it has many health benefits too! Men will learn how to separate orgasm from ejaculation, how to last longer in bed, and it can also open them up for full-body orgasms.


Yoni massage for women (Tantra)
Sensual Touch Massage for Her

We show you how to massage the different erogenous points on a woman's body, primarily focusing on the mystical place called Yoni (pussy). The massage is done on a live model, so it's life-true teaching for the best outcome. This massage can be very pleasurable and help heal trauma and pain that is stored for women in the genital area and remove numbness from the Yoni.


Breast massage
The Taoist Breast Massage

The breast massage video course offers you 14 different techniques on how to massage a woman's breast area. Learn how to increase the sensitivity of her body, how to move sexual energies, and thereby open a woman to breast orgasms and increase her overall breast sensitivity. It is most enjoyable to experience through your partner’s hands, but there are techniques for self-massage too.


Full body massage
Full Body Awakening Massage

This massage is tailored by our instructor personally from all the different massage techniques that she has learned over the years. There are integrated techniques from Thai Massage, Marma Massage, Taoist pressure points, Classical Massage, and gentle touch. This Full Body massage will awaken the body’s sensitivity and will prepare your partner for even more intimate activities. Practice the massage on both men and women.


Structure of the school?

Our approach to learning physical art is similar to any other adult educational program - it has a structure with different subjects and lectures. You can follow the weekly schedule outlined in the course and move on step by step. But if you feel like you are maybe more advanced or a "quick learner," you can rush the program by learning and testing the techniques on the go and without making weekly shorter practice sessions. Learning pace is up to you.

Our all-access subscription plan comes with a full package - all massage courses are available from day one. But remember, like, at any other school, you have to make an effort to master the skills. Nothing comes by itself. Be curious, open-minded, and practice! Don't worry, this time the practice part is all pleasure :)