About the course

Welcome to the Full Body Awakening Massage course!

In this course, you will learn how to offer a relaxing massage, help increase your partner's body's sensitivity, awaken their sexual energy, and learn to offer pleasures that lead you to a better intimate life through touch.

Full Body massage course will focus on how to give a relaxing sensual massage to Your partner, but as a result of practicing it, Your whole sexual experience can have a profound change. There are integrated techniques from Thai Massage, Marma Massage, Taoist pressure points, Classical Massage, and gentle touch. You will learn how to touch each other in a much more conscious way and how to prepare Yours, or Your partners' body and mind to be ready for even more intimate massage.

As sexuality is a fundamental building block for our intimate relationships, we should take time and educate ourselves more about our own and our partner's sexuality. Practicing sensual massage can have many benefits: it creates a deeper connection and builds more trust between partners, and it has a very uplifting effect on both partner's physical and mental health, which brings on an elevated level of happiness.

Therefore, I am glad that you have enrolled in this course because, for a lot of our students, it's the first step in a wonderful journey of self-discovery and a great step towards a better sex life. So whether you are a rookie on this subject or a more advanced pleasure-giver already, let's get started.

Enjoy Your learning process!

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