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There are 3 levels to an intimate relationship: 

  • Sexual 
  • Emotional
  • Intellectual 

But did you know that the sexual level is the foundation of the whole relationship? The other two levels are the ones that are built on top of that, and the sexual level is what holds it all together.

Our online school is designed for adults who are interested in sexuality and want to start exploring this topic in more depth. Comprehensive video courses are detailed and easy to follow and are suitable for both beginners and advanced enthusiasts. You can practice the art of touching in the privacy of your own home, or anywhere You like. Instructions are always available online.

Two months of Pleasures

This limited period course bundle gives you access to three of our sensual massage courses with no obligation for later. By enrolling in this bundle course you can go through the materials as many times as you wish during the active period.

By consciously developing your sexuality, you can find balance in your life and take your relationship with your partner to a whole new level. Try it!

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One-time payment, 2-month unlimited access

Courses includes: Yoni, Lingam, and Breast Massage courses

Courses included in this bundle:

Why join?

Many therapists are now convinced that when partners take time and put the effort into educating themselves about their sexuality, it will bring on a very positive effect on their relationship. It can:

  • create a deeper connection
  • build more trust
  • have an uplifting effect for both partner's physical and mental health
  • bring on an elevated level of happiness

Sexuality is a fundamental building block for our intimate relationships, and this is why we should take time and educate ourselves more about our own and our partner's sexuality.

What do we promise?

Our School will guarantee:

  • complete anonymity
  • easy to follow video courses You can turn it into practice right away
  • improve your knowledge, skills and lead Your relationship to a new level
  • have lots of joy and fun while practicing

Sexual development can bring balance to your life and it can take your relationship with your partner to a whole new level. It is worth trying! ✨