Make Love, not War!

There are 3 levels to an intimate relationship:

  • Sexual
  • Emotional
  • Intellectual

Very few people understand that the sexual level is the foundation of the whole relationship, and the other two levels are the ones that are built on top of that. But the sexual level is what holds it all together. It creates a deeper connection of love, giving, and sharing between the couple. A place where You give Your undivided attention to Your partner.

Unfortunately, the truth is that a tiny percentage of all couples have a great sex life. We do not believe that anything should be just satisfying. Why settle for mediocre when it's in our own hands to make it great, especially when we are talking about something as important as sexuality.

So many couples suffer because of unsatisfying or non-existent sex life. The frustration that grows from that will start to cause cracks in the foundation of the relationship until it falls apart. Remember the saying "Make Love not War"! Well, that is our motto too. Why fight with Your partner, if instead, You can give each other pleasure.

Sexual education? 

Yes, education! In our School, you will find various massage courses that will help You find a better connection with your body, mind, and emotions. You will learn more about yourself and your partner. 

Pleasurespot video courses will cover body awakening massages and also more sensual massages for both her and him. Start learning and enjoy the process, because this time it is definitely as much about the journey as it's about the destination.

Our experienced instructor has integrated different techniques from Thai, Marma and Classical massage, Taoist pressure points, and gentle touching. Massage helps a person to relax fully and awaken the body's sensitivity. You will enhance Your libido and awaken your sexuality. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or more advanced; courses are thorough and can be turned easily into practice.

Why these courses?

Too often, we are focusing on our emotional and intellectual levels, but quite commonly, the third, but perhaps most important, side of the relationship is left unnoticed. By learning Your own and Your partners' sexuality can take Your relationship to a new level.

Our School will guarantee:

  • complete anonymity
  • easy to follow video courses You can turn it into practice right away
  • improve your knowledge, skills and lead Your relationship to a new level
  • have lots of joy and fun while practicing

Try it out - No strings attached, and you can cancel your subscription any time. Cancel any time with no additional cost!

If You have more questions, please check our FAQ page.

About the founders

We are a couple in a long-term relationship (15+ years), and with our 2 kids and other life’s surprises, we too, like most of the couples with the history, have seen our ups and downs when talking about intimacy and sexuality. But as we almost accidentally landed on the couch of a therapist who teaches lingam and yoni classes, we realized that the health of our relationship is always in our own hands.

As we sat on that couch separately from our partner and spending our time with our friends (as for both of us, it was just a fun activity we were invited to spend our night), we saw how casually you could talk on these topics when you’re in amongst with your people. But what if you don’t want to share these moments with friends, or maybe even strangers? What if you don’t want to learn those moves in a physical classroom on silicon body (or on a stranger)? Well, we think it’s much more pleasurable to learn those sensual touching and massaging skills on your partner's body from the start, and in the privacy of your own home. 

When we built our school, we were thinking about people just as we are - men and women who are open-minded, curious about pleasures, and maybe seeking something new and exciting to bring in their homes and bed to spice their love life and refresh intimacy. As we believe in love and partnership, we hope that this school will help (re)find the intimacy in your relationship and bring you joy and pleasures you might be missing. 💕