Preparation for massage session

What Do You need to know before practicing the massages?

Please prepare a nice space for the session. You can do the massage on a massage table or the floor on the mat. Using a massage table will be easier for the givers' back and knees, but You can also practice it on the bed if you feel it is comfortable for you both. I recommend covering the bed before with towels because You will be using a lot of oil. 

The room ideal temperature should be 25C and above, so Your partner could fully relax. 

What oils to use?

My rule is to only use the oils that You can also eat. The only exception is olive oil because it is not so good for massage. The best oils for this massage would be:

  • extra virgin coconut oil - it gives many good effects because of it's healing properties
  • avocado oil
  • grapeseed oil

A little tip: use extra virgin organic coconut oil for this massage. It gives many good effects because of it's healing properties.