The Full Body Massage

This massage is tailored by our instructor personally from all the different massage techniques that she has learned over the years. There are integrated techniques from Thai Massage, Marma Massage, Taoist pressure points, Classical Massage, and gentle touch. 

Our full body massage course will teach You moves that can help your partner to relax fully. Massage will awaken the body's sensitivity and prepares your partner for even more intimate activities. This massage can be done on men and women both.

Why this course?

Did You know that our biggest sexual organ is our brain and our body is full of erogenous zones - from head to toe? There are many hidden points inside and outside your body that can give You experiences You have never even dreamed of.

This course will teach you how to give a relaxing and enjoyable full body massage. Whether You want to use it for just enjoyment, for foreplay, or to open your partner's body up for even more intimate genital massage. It's up to You and Your partner.

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Why join?

As sexuality is a fundamental building block for our intimate relationships, we should take time and educate ourselves more about our own and our partner's sexuality. 

Many therapists are now convinced that when partners take time and put the effort into educating themselves about their sexuality, it will bring on a very positive effect on their relationship. It can:

  • create a deeper connection
  • build more trust
  • have an uplifting effect for both partner's physical and mental health
  • bring on an elevated level of happiness

So whether you are a rookie on this subject or a more advanced pleasure-giver already, massage is a great way to pull the tension off from everyday hassles, make it a prelude to more intimate activities, or use it as a wonderful way to show your affection.

What's included?

The Full body Awakening massage course is a fully online video course, which You can go through privately.

You will learn how to offer a relaxing massage, help increase your partner's body's sensitivity, awaken their sexual energy, and learn to offer pleasures that lead you to a better intimate life through touch.

Video course includes 1 hour and 16 minutes long full massage session performed by our experienced instructor Jaya. All instructions are presented in real-time speed and has a voice over, so you'll know all the details that make the massage most enjoyable for both of you. 

By enrolling in the course, you'll get unlimited access to our Full Body massage course for 2 months. You can access the course content from every device connected to the internet, and you can go through materials over and over again. 

Remember, with these kinds of skills, the practice makes perfect!

What You'll learn:

Here's a quick overview of the things you'll learn in this course:

  • how to give a relaxing massage to Your partner
  • how to bring more sensitivity to Your partners body
  • how to open up to full-body orgasms by connecting mind and body 
  • learn how to channel energy 
  • discover different erogenous zones on the body
  • awaken sexuality
  • bring more variety to your bed life

Take a peek in course curriculum:

Available in days
days after you enroll
  Massage - let's get started!
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll

What do we promise?

Our School will guarantee:

  • complete anonymity
  • easy to follow video course You can turn it into practice right away
  • improve your knowledge and skills to lead Your relationship to a new level
  • have lots of joy and fun while practicing

Sexual development can bring balance to your life and it can take your relationship with your partner to a whole new level. It is worth trying! ✨